The airwaves are full of marketing messages, and now the Internet is clustered with marketing messages. These messages include links, pop-ups or crawls.Most if not all, of us have engaged in making purchases online.


   Therefore, we know what appeals to us as consumers and what does not.


Select 3 different company Web Sites and answer the following questions:


1.) How are the Web Sites and companies similar?


2.)How are the Web Sites and companies different?


3.) Which approach do you find most effective? Explain.


4.)Did you find the sites to be safe and secure enough that you would make a purchase there?


5.) Complete your findings and explanations into a power point presentation with 8-10 slides 100-150 words speaker notes. Thorough speaker notes must accompany eachcontent slides with references, photos and clip art. should be 11-15 total slides including the title page and everything else.

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