The curing process

1.82   The curing process of Example 1.9 involves exposure of the plate to irradiation from an infrared lamp and attendant cooling by convection and radiation exchange




with the surroundings. Alternatively, in lieu of the lamp, heating may be achieved by inserting the plate in an oven whose walls (the surroundings) are maintained at an elevated temperature.

(a)    Consider conditions for which the oven walls are at 200°C, airflow over the plate is characterized by T00 = 20°C and = 15 W/m2 · K, and the coating has an emissivity of = 0.5. What is the tempera- ture of the plate?

For ambient air temperatures of 20, 40, and 60°C, determine the plate temperature as a function of the oven wall temperature over the range from 150 to 250°C. Plot your results, and identify conditions for which acceptable curing temperatures between 100 and 110°C may be maintained.

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