Unit 1 DB Interaction

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The purpose of working in healthcare is to provide quality care for every patient whether its in a hospital or a doctors office. The diffent departments help the doctors with getting patients checked out to see what is wrong and see if they can find out what is wrong and get them the treatment and medication they may need, such as xrays, lab work and respiratory treatments while being seen. Doctor’s offices work with hospitals for inpatient care as well as out patient care and if a patient has to be sent to a specialist in a different office so that a patient can be seen to get the diagnosis or treatment they may need that they can not provide. Specialist are to help doctors when they can not treat a patient for a specific illness a person may have.


The pros for working with different departments are to help patients to get the answers and care they need to get better whey they are sick. If a patient has to be admitted into the hospital they will recieve a lot of care from specific departments whith in the hospital.


The cons are if a patient have to be sent to a clinic or a specialist, the office may not accept that patients insurance and they could have to pay out of pocket for care and medications. A patient could be diagnosised with something they don’t have and be treated with the wrong medications for something they do not have or a patient not being treated fair and the patient feeling like the doctors don’t care and they are not trying to find out what is going on with them. The purpose of a doctors office and the hospital are to work together in every departments to provide the patients with the best quality of care possible.


Hospital Department: Quality Care (2016)



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