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Please each questions are to be posted in a seperate documents. thank you, Also, have in mind I will be coming back to ask for a discussion reply. Its a dicussion board. but must be well detailed and answered accurately. All Citations are tgo be included. one pages and a half pages per document/questions



1.From what security risks does EFS offer protection, and from what risks does it not offer protection?  In your own words, describe what a “FEK” is and how it’s used?  Feel free to research EFS at  With some detail, how can multiple people be granted access to an EFS-encrypted file?


2. NTFS “disk quotas” and FSRM quotas are implemented and function differently.  In your own words, what are the differences between NTFS disk quotas and FSRM quotas?  How do each actually determine usage?  Why might an organization choose to use one over the other?




Please remember it’s a discussion board, after I post them, i will always require two additional replies to other students post. So please I need replies to this two. It could be like 4 to 6 sentences. Thanks

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