write reflection papers

1-    Review an article that focuses on any of the issues or issues related to liberation struggle in Africa.( 2-3 pages )




2-    Write a biography of one of the freedom fighters in Africa. You must articulate clearly his battles with colonialists, including his / her triumphs and setbacks. What are his or her legacies? ( 2 pages )




3-    Why have African nations failed to make significant achievements since their attainment of independence? ( 3-4 pages )

This final paper must be well researched with citations form three to four sources / references.



1-     Is Homosexuality un-African?

Review an article that counters the widely held belief that homosexuality is un-African, and that it was “transmitted” to Africa by colonialists and Western victors.

Identify the reasons provided by the writer to prove the existence of homosexuality prior to the colonial era. (2 pages)




2-     Review an article on the current socio- cultural situation facing African women. (2-3 pages )



3-     Identify successful African women in any sphere of life and summarize her biography.

How did she become successful? (2 pages)




4-     In one page, state your feelings about homosexuals. What do you think should be their place in society? Please give reasons for your viewpoints.(1 page )



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