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thses is the Q also if you want to chnge it is ok


How teachers affect daily living between junior high students and high school students in chemistry class?


By using outside environment 

i will strt to write proponsal reserch.



This analysis will require the learner to read two research articles and write a critical evaluation for each on research design and conclusions. You will use your knowledge gained from the matching activity in order to determine types of research designs of the articles, the conclusions of the research presented in the articles, as well as your personal thoughts on each example of research. Both of these articles will be used as references in your proposal. These articles will be considered scholarly and peer-reviewed. Locators of such scholarly work can easily be found at eric.ed.gov, scholar.google.com, among other places. Both of these analyses may be performed on one document if needed. This document will be submitted in the form of a Google document. Name your document “5505 YourName Article Analysis Assignment.” Each article analysis should be at least one page in length using APA style formatting. Include an official reference of the article which was analyzed at the end of the analysis.


5 pts – Determination and explanation of research design (article 1)

5 pts – Conclusion summary (article 1)

5 pts – Determination and explanation of research design (article 2)

5 pts – Conclusion summary (article 2)

5 pts – Combined score of personal thoughts on each of two articles



then do these


Topic Choice Report


For this assignment, you will make a statement on your choice of research. This statement will consist of a minimum of one paragraph to introduce the research topic, a minimum of one paragraph of explaining why the topic needs researched, and a minimum of one paragraph why you chose this topic. . This report should follow APA style formatting and include any references that were used at the end.




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