that is the instruction for the paper 

1.  Review the goal you wanted to achieve.


2.  Tell me how you have progressed in reaching that goal.


3.  Explain what has gone well so far.  Does anything need improvement?  Are there any changes you need to make in order to achieve your goal?  


Explain all of the above questions as thoroughly one page as possible. Answers to the questions must be in Times New Roman 12 point font, , standard one inch margins, typed, double spaced, spell-checked, grammar-checked, and proofread.


please note that is my gole is increasing water intake that is my last paper about the gole reed it. 

                                                 Drinking Water 

My nutrition goal is to improve ( increasing) drinking water daily from 3-4 cups a day to 8 cups a day which is equal to tow liters of water. Water is so important to our body especially when you do more effort than you should like exercise. In this case your body will start sending signal to your mind and ask for more water than if you do not respond to it the side effect will start to appear. 

To drink to liters of water every day I set up my plane that I will be drinking two cups of water in the morning when I wake up tow at noon, tow in the evening, and tow before I go to sleep. The first two weeks it might be challenge for me because it will big movement to me to drink the 8 cups. So six cups I think is really good for the first two weeks. To give my body time to realize that. The third week, I will start to increase the amount of water to reaches the two liters by having a bottle of water with me everywhere to refill it when I need to. In the end of the month will start to see the big different in my habit change about then I will use to it and I will continue drinking 2 liters every day.  

I think that I will face some challenging with my goal. One of Theas challenging I think that will increase the number of time to go to the bathroom especially night time wheel am sleeping. But after I don researching this matter will not stay forever. Other challenge, that I 


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