All four main questions need to be answered. APA formatting is not required (i.e., no abstract or cover page. But do reference your sources). Question 1. 10

All four main questions need to be answered. APA formatting is not required (i.e., no abstract or cover page. But do reference your sources).

 Question 1.                                                                                                   100 points

A lot of organizations who use waterfall as their standard development methodology are looking to adopt an agile methodology instead.    What are two disadvantages of waterfall?   How does  agile address those disadvantages and when is agile appropriate to use? Write a 400-word essay on the above questions.  

Question 2.                                                                                                   100 points

(a)     Briefly describe the five duties of a systems analyst during the management of a software project. (25 points) 


(b)    Explain what a prototype is and describe how it can be used in requirements gathering?(25 points)


(c)     Briefly describe four benefits of viewing an organization as a collection of systems (25 points).


(d)    How is creating use cases related to requirements determination and process modeling? (25 points)





Question 3.                                                                                                    100 points

Create a use case for the following scenario.  You are at a restaurant and you need a ride home.  You heard about Unter…the on-demand car services company.  You down load the mobile app, which supports multiple operating system versions, onto your smart phone and set up an account.  Once the app is setup, you enter your pickup location and your destination address.  When a nearby Unter driver accepts your request, the app displays an estimated arrival time. The driver arrives and takes you home.  When you at your home, the fare is automatically and securely billed to your credit card on file with Unter.  Before leaving the car, you provide feedback on the driver’s performance via the Unter app.  Once Unter has its commission, the remaining fare is deposited automatically and securely into the driver’s account.   Your trip has ended.

You can use Powerpoint, Visio, Word or this free drag and drop drawing tool:    Copy and paste your diagram into your paper.


Question 4.                                                                                                   100 points

(a)               Explain the difference between functional and non-functional requirements.  Using the scenario in Question 3, provide two examples of each. (25 points)


(b)               A company has decided to purchase commercial off the shelf (COTS) accounting software package. Describe six general categories that should be used to decide which software vendor’s product is suitable for the company. (25 points)


(c)               Two common techniques for gathering requirements are interviews and joint application development (JAD) workshops. Choose one of these techniques and describe how a systems analyst would prepare for it and carry it out.  (25 points)


(d)               Using an agile method of your choice (for example: eXtreme Programming; Scrum, Kanban) describe the steps in the iterative/incremental project life cycle. Illustrate your answer with a simple diagram of your chosen method’s life cycle. (25 points)




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