Store design : 24 hours

–  Need to create an online storefront that includes a shopping cart where customers can make purchases.
–  Must be user friendly and customer focused
–  In the HTML pages should include the following:
          –  Pull-down menu
          –  Image rollover
          –  Pop Up window
          –  Order Form
          –  Registration form with validation
          –  Cookies to store registration information
          –  Shopping cart
–  Must include access to an external JavaScript file
–  Must include comments to organize HTML and JavaScript code



Attached are the images for the online storefront to use.  The online storefront is a fictitious business that makes all natural soaps and lotions from all natural ingredients. 


In addition, here is some code I have put together that may help you with getting a better idea and understanding of the fictitious business that I am creating for this assignment.



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