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We value your privacy and do not share your personal data with anyone when you register on out platform. All the orders are posted anonymously from your desired username.

Easy Process

After joining our platform, getting help is easy as 1,2, 3. See the “How it works” page to know more.

Instant Chat with Tutors & Support

Our Live chat option allows solving any homework-related questions straightaway. If you are stuck on any step of the process, you can chat with support for guidance.

On-time Delivery

When you seek help with homework from us, you always get the solution on time making us the most reliable platform. Always ensure that you select the desired deadline correctly.

Original Content Only

We don’t copy paste; unique and original homework help are our ironclad rule. Our experts have Degrees, Masters & PhDs in different fields and thus deliver plagiarism-free work that pass Turnitin.

Free revisions

Even though 0% mistakes are guaranteed, we won’t rest until you achieve your goals and will take your order from 0 to 100 if you need adjustments on your work at no extra cost.

About us

HomeworkMaven.com is a company that supplies writing assistance, online tutoring, homework help, captioning services, and translation services. We have a team of enthusiastic tutors from around the world, all highly experienced in different fields. Our team comprises well vet individuals who provide
HomeworkMaven.com is a company that supplies writing assistance, online tutoring, homework help, captioning services, and translation services. We have a team of enthusiastic tutors from around the world, all highly experienced in different fields. Our team comprises well vet individuals who provide professional tutoring services to enhance education globally. This creates a quality work environment and quality services for our customers. Our goal is to help students achieve their ambiguous educational goals and aid people in captioning, transcription, and translation in order to succeed at the highest level. Tutors chat with students in real-time to make learning more comfortable and more effective. While upholding a high degree of netiquette, fairness, and confidentiality, we strive to make our services affordable, convenient, and efficient.  

Our Mission

Being the best academic help website does not just happen. We make it happen by integrating strong core values that create an exceptional user experience and offering high-quality solutions. We only hire the top 2% of proficient experts and are always eager to assist you with your homework needs.  

Our Core values

To meet our goal of fulfilling our student's needs to the fullest and be on top of deadlines on every order, we are guided by various values that dictate who we are, what we do, and how we do it.
  • Safety  
We use SSL Certification to ensure that every connection to our website is encrypted. Thus, your identity and personal information are never compromised.
  • Honesty  
In delivering our services, we remain steadfast and guarantee to deliver quality and plagiarism-free work. Everything will be done on time to keep you on top of all deadlines.
  • Efficiency 
As a result-driven platform, we have developed a system that allows easy sign-ups, asking for help, and downloading solutions. We are only able to succeed by delivering A-grade work to all our customers.
  • Reliability   
We have carefully curated the top 2% of experts that are passionate about achieving A's. Our experts can help with any writing assignment and guide students to the correct answers to receive a top grade.  

Why Choose Us?

HomeworkMaven.com is the right company for you to choose among the available options. We are a trustworthy and legit homework help that guarantees you quality work and top grades. Maybe you are there asking yourself, "why should I chose homeworkMaven.com to do my assignments?" HomeworkMaven.com has outstanding features and writers that guarantee you satisfaction. Our outstanding features include but are not limited to the following:
  • Quality guarantee.
We have professional experts in every field to help students write quality work that will scoop A'. At HomeworkMaven.com, quality is not by accident, It is the leading business, and we do not compromise.
  • On-time delivery.
Deadlines can cause academic pressure on students if they cannot adhere. We work very fast to deliver your order in the shortest time possible. The customer sets the deadline, and we adhere to it however urgent. Our writers are readily available to work on your order immediately after you place it.
  • Fair rates.
HomeworkMaven.com is very considerate of prices as we understand that most of our clients are students who have a squeezed budget. We, therefore, charge rates that are affordable to all. We also give decent bonuses to our clients to further cut down the already low prices. There is no extra cost for revision and editing when you choose to work with us.
  • Authentic papers.
Our writers are committed to write your paper from scratch and ensure that it is unique and original. We have tailored services for every order, even if the topic is similar. When working with HomeworkMaven.com no need to worry about plagiarism and copyright issues.

Why Our Writers are Outstanding

We have gathered the best experts through rigorous vetting to ensure that you get the best solution in any field of knowledge.  We only hire the top 2% of proficient experts and are always eager to assist you with your homework needs.  Our vetting process has the following checkpoints 1.Writing experience of not less than five years. 2. Competence in different fields that matches our services. 3. Keen to details. 4. Native English speaker.  

Types of Services we Offer

  • Writing from Scratch.
HomeworkMaven.com delivers original and unique paper that is specifically customized to meet your needs. Our team will do the brainstorming, planning, making a draft before writing the final document. We have competent experts who conduct thorough research then support it with scientific facts and personal opinions, hence developing a quality paper.
  • Editing/Proofreading.
When you choose HomeworkMaven.com to write your paper, be sure to get a clean document free from spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. We have a department for editing and proofreading the final draft even if the writer has done it already to ensure that your paper is perfect. We are keen to details to follow the clients'/professors' instructions when editing your paper. HomeworkMaven.com will offer you unlimited editing and proofreading until you are satisfied.
  • Presentations
Our team is creative enough to develop the best slides that will present your work most pleasantly. We adhere to your instructions to the latter as we add our presentation skills to your final draft. HomeworkMaven.com will help you come up with a pleasant presentation that will be catchy to your audience.
  • Coding and Programming Assignments­.
Students often ask, "can I pay someone to do my coding/programming assignment?" we understand well that these two fields can be troublesome to many students, and that is why we have a competent team of experts to handle your coding and programming assignment very fast. Our prices are very fair, so there is nothing to be scared of when you hire us.

Is Homeworkmaven.com Legit?

Yes, Homeworkmaven.com is a legit professional homework helper offering fast and high-quality assignment solutions. Getting through universities and colleges can be hectic at times. The struggles of
hectic at times. The struggles of tackling many assignments, meeting deadlines, maintaining good grades, and the tight schedules can be overwhelming. However, students have devised ways to navigate stressful academic life by seeking help from essay writing services. The question is, is it legal to use online essay writing services? Yes, it is legal, provided you hire a legit essay writing service provider like Homeworkmaven.com. Choosing the most reliable essay writing service can put one into a dilemma as many options are available. The trick is to find out which service providers are legit, as there are many fraudsters in the market. Homeworkmaven.com is a legit assignment writing service as it has met the following criteria.
  • Offers original and unique papers.
We have proficient writers who conduct thorough research to deliver 100% plagiarism-free work specifically customized for your needs.  Plagiarism is one academic crime that students are highly penalized.
  • Open communication.
At Homeworkmaven.com, the client can chat with our tutors in real-time using a built-in chat. The client can always catch up on the assignment's progress or make edit requests in real-time.
  • Thorough research.
Quality is non -negotiable with Homeworkmaven.com. We conduct thorough research before writing your paper to ensure that we gather as much as possible to write a comprehensive paper.
  • Create structurally and grammatically correct essays.
Our experts are properly vetted and are well experienced in writing the best. We proofread and edit the work severally before submitting it to ensure that it is excellent.
  • Provides exceptional customer support and service.
Homeworkmaven.com has a 24/7robust customer support team to resolve your issues easily.

What are the Features of our Good Essay Writing Service?

  • Writing a good essay requires time and devotion; hence can be tedious to many students. However, essays and assignments are inevitable in colleges and university curriculum. The assignments are fundamental as they contribute to the final GPA of a student. Therefore, it is essential for the students who have decided to pay someone to write my essay to hire the best essay writing service. Determining the best company to hire may be difficult sometimes as the service providers are very many. In such a situation, choose Homeworkmaven.com as your best essay writing service, and you will not regret it. Our website has the following features that make it a good essay writing service for any student seeking writing help.
  • Ability to meet deadlines.
Our tutors are available 24/7 to help you with your essays, no matter the urgency. We can complete your order in at least an hour without compromising the quality. Deadline matters a lot when it comes to assignments, and failing to9 meet the deadline can make your good work useless as some professors do not mark assignments submitted past the deadline.
  • Good payment policies.
Homeworkmaven.com has the best payment policy which we clearly explain our payment terms and conditions to the client before we start handling the work. Also, we assist in case a client is experiencing difficulties in making transactions.
  • Good brand value.
Our website has got good reviews from our clients who are always happy and satisfied with our service, at Homeworkmaven.com we value our customers, and we encourage them to leave a review, a rating, or a comment after interacting with us. We also get good social media reviews on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • Fair prices and discounts.
People often ask, 'how much does it cost to write my essay?' We understand that our target customers are university and college students who are most of the time overwhelmed by college expenses. Therefore, our company charges fair prices that students can easily afford. We also offer decent and attractive bonuses to our clients since we value them and would like to have a long-term relationship with them.  

Is Homeworkmaven.com Confidential?

Yes, Homeworkmaven.com is 100% confidential. We keep all clients' information private as we understand that data bleaching and leaking have been an issue of concern lately.  We have a data policy that obliges us to protect the following information concerning a client.
  • Personal information such as name, phone number, and address are well protected from being accessed or misused by a third party.
  • Financial information such as your bank or in case of a bank account is safe with us and cannot be disclosed to anyone unless required by federal law.
  • The online identity of a client is confidential and cannot be revealed. We have a reliable internet data policy that ensures zero leakage of the client's identity to an outsider.
  • The browser history of previously visited websites and passwords remain with the client as our website does not record the client's internet cache.
  • All data is safe from theft; thus, no fear of cyber attack and bullying. Our website is well developed and customized to ensure that only authorized personnel can log into the website.

Is Homeworkmaven.com Illegal?

No, Homeworkmaven.com is not illegal. Are essay writing services illegal? This question has been frequently asked all over the internet. The answer is NO; essay writing services are completely legal, and so is Homeworkmaven.com. Below are why Homeworkmaven.com is a legal essay writing service that students should never doubt when considering hiring us.
  • The client is the owner of the final document.
Our experts write your paper from scratch with proper referencing to ensure that it is 100% original and unique.  All ownership right of the work is transferred to the client thus no issues of plagiarism and copyrights. This makes our business not only legal but also moral.
  • Conforms to the law.
The laws governing ghostwriting services also apply for the essay writing services as there is no specific law regulating the writing services. Therefore, there are no explicit restrictions on who is legitimate to use the essay writing services and for what purpose.
  • Guidance on how to use the final product.
Homeworkmaven.com ensures that clients are informed that the delivered essays should only be used for personal and not commercial needs. Reselling your essay or redistributing it is illegal and is termed cheating. This is why students keep asking, "is hiring someone to do my college essay be termed cheating?" Cheating will only happen if you buy or borrow an essay from your classmate and submit it as your original work.
  • Transparent and confidential Industry.
Our website contains the terms and condition, privacy policy and service guarantees that makes us a reliable and legal service provider.  

Can I trust HomeworkMaven.com?

Homeworkmaven.com is 100% trustworthy. We put our customer's interests first, and our motive is that you hire us and we make you look good and not vice versa. Here are some of the reasons why you should trust Homeworkmaven.com to handle your assignments. a) We offer 100% money pay-back guarantees. b) We offer revision and editing guarantees to our clients. c) Our policy and background are very transparent. d) We offer 100% confidentiality and privacy. e) 24/7 customer support to offer instant services and support to our clients.  

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You see our goal is to make learning as convenient and effective as possible. As a result, we have made the online tutoring and homework help process easy. We put you in control to choose your tutor you like per their bid proposal.

Post Your Homework

Go to ‘Post New Homework’ and fill up the order form with all the assignment instructions and attach any related files. Choose the subject of your choice, set the deadline and the budget. Finally, you can submit the complete order. This enables us to adhere to the instructions and meet their expectations hence providing the best results.

Pick Your Tutor

After posting your homework, our experts will check and placed their proposals. Check the tutors’ profiles such as reviews and pick your perfect match. Confirm all the details and click “Accept Bid” to reserve money on your HomeworkMaven account. You will release the payment later after your order is completed.

Download Your Solution

An email will be sent to you once the tutor has completed your homework. Download it and feel free to ask for adjustments if needed via live chat or message. If you are satisfied with the solution, release payment to the expert. Don’t forget to rate the tutor to help other students make the right choice.

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Quick response and great communication. Got me in on short notice and got it back to me earlier than expected. Can’t thank her enough!. .

Customer Id 16464

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Who can help me write my paper+ If you do not have time to write your papers or do assignments, do not panic because HomeworkMaven just got better! It is the one website that meets all your Homework Needs! So do not worry about missing a deadline because we've got you covered.

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