Competencies developed in writing comprehensive Project, Knowledge leveraged in units 1-4 and how they support my career advancement in management?

    January 11, 2024

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Competencies developed in writing comprehensive Project, Knowledge leveraged in units 1-4 and how they support my career advancement in management?
I have gathered considerable amount of knowledge in the course on these assignment. For instance in unit one, I got to learn more about the importance of exposure to foreign exchange, having essential knowledge on international financial systems and financial markets to succeed as a manager. Additionally I got a deeper understanding of the role played by the WTO and G8 in MNCs. In unit, my research on the differences between domestic banks and international banks and how the U.S. uses international banks equipped me with essential knowledge which I believe will benefit me in my career growth and future decision making. Unit 3 played an important role in helping me create a comprehensive outline for my final project, gather relevant information on the topic and identify credible sites to gather my facts pertaining the final project, and lastly unit four upgraded my skills on how to draft an executive summary to capture the most essential details regarding my research paper so as to capture the attention of my readers and the target audience.  

Jason Heyland 
Global Financial Management: FIN630
Unit 5 Discussion Board – Part 1
            In researching and writing my Unit 5 individual project I was able to develop many competencies in the world of global financial management.  As I’m working through the units and material presented in this class, I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge that I will take with me and use when needed throughout my career.  I feel as though I’m much more well-rounded in business with having this knowledge in my back pocket so to speak. 
            This class has really opened my eyes to the financial markets that exist globally, such as the European Union.  The EU covers a population of nearly 447 million (Wikipedia, 2023).  And is one of the bigger markets globally.  Taking part in this market can lead to many advantages for a company.  Some of the advantages include having access to a market of this magnitude and a gross domestic product of around $16.6 trillion in 2022 (Wikipedia, 2023).
            The Intellipath assignments throughout this course provided a much-needed knowledge base for understanding and comprehending all the covered material.  I personally enjoy doing the Intellipath assignments as it forces you to go through all the material and get a solid understanding.  Having all of the knowledge gained in this course will better prepare me for all my future endeavors in my career in healthcare management.  It has also provided me with a wealth of knowledge in finance to be able to have intelligent conversations with my peers.
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