Create a 5-7-minute video that analyzes advice from a generative AI application for an intercultural communication situation. (Points will be deducted for going un

    January 11, 2024

Intercultural Communication Advice and Generative AI Applications
1.      Create a 5–7-minute video that analyzes advice from a generative AI application for an intercultural communication situation. (Points will be deducted for going under/over time requirements)
2.      Think of a communication scenario and a goal for achieving positive outcomes in that communication scenario with someone from a different country/culture (e.g., I have a student from Nigeria who is having difficulty enjoying the class because of my teaching style, so I want to make the class more enjoyable). It would be helpful to connect it somehow with your major, future career, personal relationship goals, travel goals, etc. Explain the scenario/goal in your video that you submit. 
3.      Create a prompt to put into a generative AI application (e.g., Chat GPT) to help you learn how to achieve a positive outcome that aligns with your communication goal (e.g., communication advice for me to communicate more effectively with the Nigerian student). Make sure to require the generative AI application to use communication scholarship to support the advice (at least 3 sources). 
4.      In a video, share the generative AI’s output/response and then reflect on the following prompts:
a.      What do you think and feel about the advice that was given? 
b.      Explore the resources the AI application gave. Are they helpful? If so, why? If not, why not? 
c.      Find a resource on your own without help from the AI application. How would you compare this one with the ones generated by Chat GPT? 
d.      What would you change about your original prompt you put into AI application to change the output from the AI? Why? 
*** Rough outline for the video ***
1. Give a preview of the video’s main points.
2. Talk about the scenario/goals for communication.
3. Share your input into the AI and its output along with your rationale for the input.
4. Share your response to the advice/resources given. 
5. Compare AI resource/advice to your own resource you found and explain how you would adapt a new input into the AI application. 
6. Summarize take aways from using AI for intercultural communication advice. 
Upload to creating an unlisted video link to share with professor. (Cannot be private.) See the “Uploading A Video To YouTube Guide” course material for instructions. If you can submit video using another channel/means, you can do that as well. As long as the instructor can access it through the drop box, the video will be accepted. 

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