Describe in one way in which you have seen bias affect you personally.? Describe in one way in which you have seen bias affect your workplace. Describe in one way

    January 11, 2024

Create a post in which you describe the following;
Describe in one way in which you have seen bias affect you personally.聽
Describe in one way in which you have seen bias affect your workplace.
Describe in one way in which you have seen bias affected how to manage people effectively.聽
No Plagiarism聽
Cohesive and comprehensive response.
* Lectures provided for additional information and resources



Bias and You
Unconscious bias is ubiquitous. After reading this lecture, you’ve had an opportunity to examine the ways that unconscious bias affects people.
Assignment Instructions:
Bearing in mind what you’ve learned in this course about unconscious bias.
Create a post in which you describe one way in which:
路 You have seen bias affect you personally.
路 Your workplace
路 Your ability to manage people effectively.
路 200 words minimal
路 Cohesive and detailed answers
路 No plagiarism
路 APA citing

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ILRDI002: Counteracting Unconscious Bias
Cornell University ILR School
Tool: Identifying Unconscious Bias

Now you will practice identifying unconscious bias by being a careful observer. You will identify instances of when unconscious bias may be at play. You will also look for evidence of artifacts that might be reinforcing unconscious bias.
Pay attention at team meetings, group discussions, brainstorming sessions, collaborative work sessions, or other work-related meetings and events. Take notice of behaviors associated with privilege and what types of people seem to have those privileges.

Behaviors Associated with Privilege

Speaking First
Note who talks first in a collaborative team or group session.
Who makes an assumption of being the person who should speak for the group?

Note your observations:

Talking Over Others
Make a note here when anyone gets interrupted or talked over. Who is getting talked over? Who is being interrupted? Who gets the privilege of interrupting? (Or, who gets the privilege of not being interrupted?)

Note your observations:

Taking Credit
Make a note here whenever you notice someone taking credit for another person鈥檚 ideas or contributions. (This can be as simple as a person repeating a suggestion someone else made as if it was an original idea.) Who gets the privilege of taking credit?

Note your observations:

Active Listening

Make a note here when you notice people鈥檚 ideas being taken seriously. Whose ideas are being taken seriously? Who is getting active listening from others?

Notice when people are politely letting the clock run out on what someone is saying. Who gets the privilege of active listening?

Note your observations:

Who Gets a Voice?

Make a note here: Who gets to be heard? Who gets invited to be part of the conversations when decisions are being made that affect everyone?

Note your observations:

Getting 鈥淓xtra Votes鈥

Make a note here when you notice who gets one vote in meetings and who gets two. In other words, who has influence in wrapping up the group decision? Whose opinion matters more?

Note your observations:

Correcting Others

Correcting others becomes a manifestation of privilege when one person overrides someone else who is speaking and corrects the person or presumes to make the person鈥檚 point for them. Who corrects others within meetings?

Note your observations:


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