Qualitative Questionnaire Assignment Instructions

    January 11, 2024

Qualitative questionnaires function as a means of collecting data about everyday life. For the Applied Research Report, questionnaire research is information gathered to determine the opinions, beliefs, or practices within a given population at a specific site to solve a problem or improve a practice. For this assignment, you will compose a qualitative questionnaire to answer your study’s central research question.  
Apply the information from the textbook reading this module to develop a qualitative questionnaire. You must include at least three demographic questions and 10 effective qualitative questions related to your study. You may use the demographic questions you see in the Qualitative Questionnaire Example, but you may not use any of the qualitative questions listed in that document.
This is a 3-4-page assignment:
·       The first page should be a correctly formatted (current APA style) title page that includes the title of your study.
·       The second page should be formatted as the Appendix C of your research report (see p. 130 of the course textbook):
o   The first line should say “Appendix C”
o   The second line should say, “Qualitative Questionnaire”
o   The third line should be the title of your study
·       Following the title of your study, write the purpose of the questionnaire and the details for completion. Brief instructions should follow the purpose and details.
·       Following the questionnaire’s instructions, list at least three (but no more than five) demographic questions relevant to your study.
·       Next, provide ten qualitative, open-ended questions that require a detailed response. Do not ask a simple yes-or-no answer question. Do not include justification or support from the literature for these questions; this is intended to be the actual questionnaire that you could send to participants (but you will not be required to for this assignment).
Because this questionnaire is included in the Appendices of your Applied Research Report, no citations or references should be included.
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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