Select a professional nursing organization and provide the rationale for the choice in the organization

    January 11, 2024

 Select a professional nursing organization and provide the rationale for the choice in the organization. Summarize important information about the organization, such as, the mission and vision of the organization, recent and historic accomplishments of the organizations and its members, current legislative interests of the organization, membership fees, benefits to the profession, benefits to the public, and benefits to the average nurse member. Summarize how this organization aligns with the student’s professional beliefs, interests, and aspirations as a future professional nurse. Criterion: Provide supporting materials in the form of a APA, typed paper (minimum 500 words) and a power point presentation. Any similarity matches greater than 20% will not be graded and therefore will result in a grade of zero.
Guiding questions:
1. Date, Time and Location of the meeting attended?
2. What was the name of the professional organization?
3. Why did you choose this organization?
4. Who are the current Board Members of the Organization?
5. What committees are active in the Professional Organization?
6. Where is the webpage for the organization located (link)?
7. Is the webpage well organized and informative?
8. What was discussed/presented at the meeting?
9. Were CEUs offered for attending the meeting/presentation?
10. What district of the professional organizations would you belong to (where you plan to practice)?
11. What resources, CEUs, and Professional Development opportunities are open to members?
12. What nursing issues are the focus of the organization’s legislative efforts?
13. Are mentorship programs available within the organization?
14. What advantages do you see in joining the organization?
15. What are the disadvantages to joining the organization?
16. What surprised you about the organization?
17. Will you join the organization? If so/if not, Why?

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