January 11, 2024

Developing survey prompts or questions is an essential data collection skill in the applied research process. Survey research is the systematic collection of data about participants’ beliefs, behaviors, practices, opinions, or attitudes using a customized, standardized, and structured format. The surveys are standardized in that each participant receives the same survey presented in the same manner. Surveys used in applied research may generate information that is precise and expedient. For this assignment, you will compose three Likert scale survey questions supported by the literature to help answer the central research question for your study.
Apply the information from the textbook reading for this module to develop three effective Likert survey questions to help answer your study’s central research question. A Survey Prompt Example has been provided for your reference.
This is a 3-4-page assignment:
• The first page should be a correctly formatted (current APA style) title page that includes the title of your study.
• The subsequent 1-2 pages should use Level 1 and Leve 2 headings, should include the central research question for your study, and three Likert survey questions to help answer your study’s central research question.
o You must use the following scale:
o All three survey questions must be answered by the scale above (strong agree to strongly disagree). Your survey questions may not solicit a yes or no response.
o The three survey questions must be justified and supported by the literature; thus, each interview question must contain a written rationale with at least one citation.
• The last page of the assignment should be a references page with a minimum of two reference entries. All references must be peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles published within the last five years. Ensure the references are formatted in current APA style.
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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