types of parenting

    January 11, 2024

11707Instructions: Write an essay of 800-1000 words that asserts an original claim and develops it with support that synthesizes three to four of the following texts:
“Being an Elephant Mom in the Time of the Tiger Mother”
“Parents are Robbing Their Children of Adulthood”
“The Rise of the Lawnmower Parent”
“In Defense of Lawnmower Parents”
Your response should demonstrate your ability to follow MLA style guidelines to introduce sources with attribution, to quote, to paraphrase, to document as needed, and to cite all sources included in the essay.
Keep this general rhetorical situation in mind:
Your writing should follow genre conventions for academic essays.
Your purpose is to synthesize.
Your audience is an academic audience, specifically NWCC English Composition I students and professors, some of whom are familiar with the sources, some of whom are not.
Focus on demonstrating these skills in your writing:
1. Write compositions containing a focused thesis developed by a logical sequence of detailed support.
2. Follow genre conventions for the academic essay, write consistently with the purpose of drawing connections and distinctions among the views of multiple authors, and to meet the expectations of the academic audience.
3. Integrate source citations (specifically direct quotations and parphrases) effectively with original writing according to current MLA style.
4. Present final draft writing that has been effectively edited to conform to Edited Standard Written English (ESWE).
5. Apply a process of working in stages to complete the project, including but not limited to the steps fostered through the Synthesis module.

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